Mobile Update: ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’, ‘Perfect Paths’ and others

It is time again for our look back in the notable upgrades of the past seven days. It is a little lighter than normal this week, and I am only able to presume it was because programmers took time off to find the birthday of Eli Hodapp. However, we have got some great information in here, so make sure you have a look. Let us dig in!

A few nasty bugs were crushed, in particular a couple that messed with the conclusion. No fixes for the stutter at the problems with MFi controls or the beginning of videos, unfortunately. Maybe that’ll come in the following upgrade.


Implosion – It took a couple of weeks more, but it eventually arrived last week, including a fresh chapter as well as a fresh character to have fun with. So if you are one of those you will not be able to play Implosion this upgrade does not address the Game Center bug, sadly. Otherwise, complete sail ahead, buddies.

But out of nowhere, 11 new levels! Well, it is likely not out of entirely right, but it felt to me like that, so I am sticking with it. It appears to be on sale right now, also, so there is no better time.

Additionally, for people who enjoy the advantages a helmet supplies but believe it looks stupid in your giant noggin, now you can throw a toggle to get your helmet vanish while you continue to wear it. Eh, the future?

Uh, so this one is a mashup with The Princess Bride, and your favorite characters all make the scene. Westley and Peter Griffin team up to save Lois and Princess Buttercup from something or dragons. On the other hand, surprising cameos are a main origin of the enjoyment of the show, although on the one hand, it makes little sense, so it is likely good.

Free Pocket Mine 2, Pocket Mine 2 is celebrating its first anniversary in substantially the same way by adding more items it’s lived its entire life. A fresh isle is accessible, together with a fresh playable character. With that comes new equipment, a few of which will soon be spread through the day-to-day events which is going all through March.

Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga, Free Signifying King this week, Pet Saving Saga adds another 15 degrees to its total, this time. I am fairly certain that is a metaphor for the new nefarious transactions of Dave The Pup, so tread carefully. He is more the “in case the bird will not sing, kill it” kind, knowing what I mean.

HELLO HERO(TMark), Free What Is up, hero? How…how are the wife and children, hero? I am only curious is hero, all. Oh, good. Hello Hero got a huge upgrade that adds things, new heroes and a fresh issue mode, as well as a whole lot of add-ons to the user interface to make the game simpler to play. The store has also found some upgrades. Goodbye, hero.

MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions, Free Well, I suppose it was unavoidable the programmers would find a means to cram some sort of war attribute within this game at some point. Make a coalition, that take that alliance to a different coalition where you are able to win some goodies to get coalition wars. Find Marvel Contest of Champions hack and get unlimited stuff. Perhaps occasionally that coalition comes to your coalition to coalition war? And maybe on Sundays there is a lovely coalition ceasefire where everyone has some biscuits while they chat about what they think of Fuller House and sits down. But back to coalition wars on Mondays, and that is where we’re now. Plus another resource/money spend and to stockpile! Are you really prepared to earn (read: grind) Devotion?

Catholic Church is now in the catacombs….

This is a true story.                                                                                             Physical evidence

I am writing it about my just ended 4 month 21 days long wrongful and illegal imprisonment in the Morton County Jail in Mandan, ND.  I was there since September 6, 2009 till January 28, 2010, when I was held illegally after the January 27 trial had ended.

They have kept me there overnight after the trial with the “excuse” that I had no winter clothing and would freeze to death outside, they had bought me a winter jacket, thin gloves etc. but did not tell me they have done so, so I was kept in isolation overnight

with the prospect that I would not be released that day either. They put some kind of drug addict to the next cell, even though they had other cells available for such violent men to be in and isolated, he was banging on the door quite often and using profane words all the time and very loud, I slept probably 2 hours that night if that.

They turned down the heat, I was cold, but this was nothing new to me because they

had done this quite often during my imprisonment, specially right after I was fortunate enough to take a hot shower, so that the risk to get pneumonia was quite real – at one period of time they turned the heat down for 2 weeks continual, I had developed eczema on both my hands, there were bloody cracks as the skin dried up from the cold, I finally learned to protect my hands by covering them. 

The day of my trial they, the staff of Morton County Sheriff’s Department [sheriff Mr. Shipman], the jail staff leader Ms. Lana Sleeper and her correctional officer staff held me in belief that my employer, Mr. David Tuhy will come the next day [the 28th January] in the morning to pick me up.

They have completely disregarded the fact that it is not up to them to decide what I want to do and where I will go. They knew that I had received $2000 in cashier’s checks and so had enough means to take care of myself, yet these people had kept me locked up with these kind of lame excuses.

Then on the 28th, as Mr. Tuhy was not coming as they said he would come in the morning and the day was slowly progressing towards noon, they brought me lunch at about 1030 as always, without telling me anything at all, keeping me terrorized as I was already by them for the duration of my whole stay in that satanic place [I will describe this bellow as this story progresses].

Then, as I only took a piece of bread at the 0530 breakfast [but ate it after my 0600 morning Angelus and prayers were finished] and the same at lunch, the local Bismarck “priest” Fr. Schumacher [Novus Ordo heretic] came to my isolation cell and wanted to talk to me.

I stood against the rear wall and when he approached me, I told him: “Father, I do not want to talk to you because you are a heretic. I don’t want anything to do with you !”

As if a power moved me, as I saw they left the door open, I quickly moved around this apostate “priest” to make it out. This priest, instead of helping me out, in fact actively tried to block my way out of this isolation cell. I am not making this up, he put out his hand to stop me from leaving this cell !!!

This is completely opposed to sound judgment and reason unless you realize the true fact that none of these “church prelates” want such a person as myself who are warning the Catholic faithful about the false collapse of Communism and the KGB communist controlled penetration of the Catholic Church, from exposing this truth and bringing

it up actively and publicly.

Fr. Schumacher did exactly this. He wanted me to stay in that cell and so did the SSPX priests, the pastors of the St. Michael’s Church – where I was arrested at Mass on September 6, 2009, Fr. Campbell and his replacement Fr. Richard Boyle, and the SSPX [Society of St. Pius X], all these people did absolutely nothing to help me out of this jail, and most of all, to defend the rights of Christ the King…. 

So to continue, as I made it past this priest, Fr. Schumacher, and through the door out,

Ms. Lana Sleeper, the jail captain was right outside, she did the same, she tried to hold me with her hand and prevent me from leaving !!!

I didn’t allow her to grab me and kept going.

In the hall way I was stopped by 4 members of the jail staff and Morton County sheriff Mr. Shipman himself ! They did not want me to leave the jail, again using their lame excuse that it is cold outside and I would freeze to death, but knowing full well that they had a winter clothing ready for me so I would be perfectly O.K. outside, which in fact I was when I made it out.

At that moment, I opened my mouth and said that they were holding me there illegally and that I was leaving the place regardless of what they would do, they did not move and Fr. Schumacher in fact joined their ranks to block my way out again !!!

Sheriff Shipman tried to explain again that it was cold outside and that he would call my boss Mr. Tuhy to come to pick me up, would I go with Dave Tuhy ?

I said no and that I will leave on my own. So in fact, this proves that they did lie to me or made me believe that Mr. Tuhy was called the night before and that it was all set and he was coming from Jamestown, ND to pick me up. [Jamestown is 100 miles away from Mandan – he could have done so the afternoon before right after my trial ended at 2:30 PM, they could have called him beforehand to let him know and I would’ve been out the same day…they did nothing of a kind !!!].

So I was blocked by these people to leave the jail. In their own actions they proved who they are, because they had access to my DVDs and printed articles I wrote, they knew who I was and what I do – i.e. fight Communism as every Catholic worthy of that name is bound to do.

These people wanted me to stay in jail and wait for a person, whom they evidently

did not call but made me believe they did, a person with whom I had no desire to

go anywhere [please see my previous article Freedom of men in God explaining the situation as I was about to be fired from my trucking job because I blocked the truck satellite communication system as I learned from Mr. Tuhy’s message that the U.S. DOT has now access to these GPS satellite positioning data and so we are in fact under government surveillance and have to declare our 24/7 whereabouts to the DOT at

all times as truck drivers].

So then Mr. Shipman tried to blame it all on my silence, that I had not talked to them what I want to do, which I am clearly explaining bellow pointing out the Church Teaching why I had to be silent and not recognize their authority. They knew this also because I did explain this to one of the inmates about the authority problem and all such things are recorded – and these people knew I was not talking to them so they would record everything I did, especially when I finally opened my mouth….

At that moment, for the first time, Mr. Shipman mentioned that they had bought me winter clothing, but again tried to put the blame on me that I don’t talk to them, so I replied that they had not told me about it and in fact made me believe that they had no such clothing and, as it was again this same sheriff Shipman the day prior as he came to my holding cell the day before where I was brought handcuffed from the trial [!!!!], and told me that if I don’t talk to him, he will just let me sit there and not to have it on his conscience that I leave the place and freeze to death – again knowing full well [but not letting me know] that they had obtained the winter clothing for me….!!!].

At this trial I was found guilty, and as I had to remain silent [except during this trial

when I had to defend the Faith], I had to serve and did serve already 83 days more than the maximum time allowed for the 2 illegal misdemeanor charges brought against me [maximum penalty 60 days combined], so when this sheriff came to my cell after the

trial, he did not mention that they had the winter clothing for me or were willing to buy

it [which would not take much time at all as the stores are just around the corner], they also knew about the $2000 cashier’s checks which were in their holding, so they knew

that I could cash them when outside, they could have driven me to a bank, which was

just across the street from the jail [I could see this bank from my regular cell where

I was still the night before my January 27th trial, and where I was kept since December 5th, 2009, cell ER2].

These people did everything possible to excuse the fact that they had no visible intention to allow me to leave, as I had described above. So at that moment, standing blocked

in the jail hallway, outside the isolation cell, blocked from getting out by 5 people including Fr. Schumacher, I asked whether they would drive me to the bank to cash the checks, or whether Fr. Schumacher can do it, sheriff Shipman replied that Fr. Schumacher has a court hearing and cannot leave anywhere – how would the sheriff know this right away ? I wonder whether Fr. Schumacher came to see me or came to this court hearing ?

I replied that anybody else can drive me to the bank, I can easily cash the checks and be out, they had no such intention to do so, their reply was negative. This proves beyond any doubt that they had no such intention to allow me to leave, they were still, the 5 of them, including the apostate priest, blocking my way out.

At that moment I said that I am leaving, that this sheriff is holding me there illegally, to which he responded that he is holding me illegally but “is concerned about me not to freeze up outside”, again knowing full well they had bought the winter clothing for me so this option of me freezing up outside was eliminated and they knew that.

[I have to mention that with the exception of the first day or so, of my imprisonment, I did not ware their orange overalls – except when brought to court for preliminary hearings – and so I wore my blanket tied by the sleeping sheet around my waist, so I did look like

I was a monk, they in fact used a mock name for me, they called me “apostle”].

The only kind of people that would want me to stay in that jail locked up are Communists, there is no other kind of people that would be blocking my way out, coming out with one excuse after another, knowing full well that I had the right to leave right after the trial, they had even handcuffed me to be brought to hear the jury’s “verdict” [I fired my court appointed lawyer at the moment the trial began and defended myself…I will describe this at the end of this true story].

So when the trial was completely over, I was handcuffed again and brought back to jail, kept in the holding cell from which they tried to get me into my regular cell, which is behind 2 electronically controlled doors [not one door as the isolation cell I was brought in after I purposely clogged and flooded the toilette, water running out of the cell door, so they had no choice but to take me to isolation, which had one door only – this had to be the help of Our Blessed Mother, because I did flood the toilette the morning before the trial, but didn’t allow the water to run out of the cell], from which regular cell ER2

I wouldn’t had a chance to get out as I did from the isolation cell the next day.

So sheriff Shipman and his staff and Fr. Schumacher all were standing in front of me and blocking my way out of the jail – at that moment, I said I am leaving this jail and do not try to stop me, I said I had no knowledge that they had bought this winter clothing for me, and so they had to allow me to leave, only sheriff Shipman asked whether he can call Mr. Tuhy to come to pick me up and will I go with Mr. Tuhy ?

Why would this sheriff insist on me leaving with a particular person, again knowing that

I did not wish to even communicate with Mr. Tuhy when he came to see me in jail 2 days after I was arrested, as I did not communicate with him at all – I was praying the Rosary in my cell and kept silent even when I was finished praying, not even looking at this men…

I told Mr. Shipman that I don’t have to explain to them where I go and how I leave. At that moment they finally allowed me to get to the dressing room, where I dropped my blanket and they brought my regular street clothing to me and the winter jacket, gloves and a hat, they brought me my prayer books and the Holy Bible which they took away from me the night before [with a lame excuse that I would tore them and use them to clog the toilette again, which would be a sin of sacrilege if I did so], I dressed up promptly, got the checks, they dared to ask me to sign some kind of release form to which I replied no way,

I grabbed my stuff, asked the sheriff which way is out, he brought me to the exit and to the stairway leading downstairs to the street exit.

When I was about to leave I told this men, who, with his entire staff had done me so much evil over the whole course of nearly 5 months I was at their care, I told him that God will punish this evil that they had done to me, to which he replied “Do not threaten me or you will be back in my jail again…!” – I think I said that I am not threatening him myself but that the punishment will come from above, from God, I turned away from this man and walked away….I was free, couldn’t even believe it and still shake sometimes with tears what I had to suffer in this diabolically driven place, which details I am to describe next.

Please also see my very limited physical evidence that I was in Mandan, ND jail.

The beginning of this story

I would never believe that this, what I am about to write here, is really possible to happen. But not only it has happened and it is not over yet, but I am the sole victim

of this satanic evil, shaken by it in such a way that I have extreme difficulty to type it. 

I was born in communist Czechoslovakia, not knowing anything substantial about the Catholic Faith, though I was baptized into the Church.

The STB communist secret police had agents inside the Church already, perverting it,

and also the Catholic families who had children were not allowed to openly practice

their faith and the state made sure that the parents would be persecuted for allowing

their children to learn much about God and His Church.

So I came to realize that Communism is evil when I saw much of it while growing up in such a totalitarian society, and right after I finished my military draft [2 years], I was able to defect from my native country, and made it, after 2 years of waiting, into America.

Still not knowing anything substantial about the Catholic Faith, I was slowly progressing to it, while I have learned that there was never any true collapse of Communism in my native country, much less in Eastern Europe and Russia.

This story then follows clearly what I’ve been through during the period of the last

5 months. 

How the state wants to run everything….

I have already described a court case in my previously written article Freedom of men

in God. I have written it prior to me being arrested on September 6th, 2009 and was therefore unable to publish it on my website until now.

It all began when I went to hear Mass on the Sept. 6, 2009 Sunday in St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Mandan, ND, where the Society of St. Pius X offers the Tridentine Mass – in Latin as it always have been.

I have entered the Church and wanted to go to confession, not that I thought I was in mortal sin, but to clear my soul and to speak to the priest and ask him about the false consecration of Russia, which we are soon to see “done” I assume.

The coordinators know me as I have spoken to them and gave them my audio and DVD recordings about the false collapse of Communism and related topics, including the

3rd Secret of Fatima – i.e. Russian run communist penetration of the Church. To my knowledge they have never spread them around to the new Catholic faithful that

came to this church.

On that day, standing in the confession line, I looked towards the pulpit and saw a statue

of an eagle mounted to the front side of it. I have seen this statue there before and it bothered me, I knew that such a statue of a bird cannot be possibly in our churches,

but I have never had the courage to ask about this.

I have also spoken to the pastors there about the false collapse of communism, about this particular consecration of Russia, but they all have turned a deaf ear to it and have never [to my knowledge] spoken about such important issues and clearly dangers to the Catholic Faith from the pulpit.

So that day, standing in line, I have also heard the people praying the Rosary “crusade” for this particular “consecration” to be accomplished by the Apostate Pope [Benedict XVI is a legitimate Pope, but still an Apostate, God does not hear such people at all].

I had enough of all of this, and I knew the eagle cannot be there, and I knew what kind

of priests are within the Society of St. Pius X [especially those in America – and I have proof of this in what has happened to me in the prison and how these priests let me just sit there without helping me to get out], so the pressure was high, and then a voice came and a supernatural power and strength, leading me to this statue, but I wanted to resist it, so the voice said whether  I don’t want to defend the Church, to which I replied Yes, I do, so I gave in and went to the pulpit, stood in front of this idol statue and quickly broke off both wings and then with added strength I used both my hands and broke the statue off from the pulpit, smashing that idol against the ground and yelling this is idolatry !

The church prominent parishioners grabbed me and after some struggle, as I was not willing to give up and wanted to talk to the priest about what has just happened to me, they disregarded my calls for the priest and dragged me very roughly outside, called

the police instead and I was in Morton County Jail within 30 minutes.

To suffer for our Lord

I don’t want to exaggerate nor look like I am making myself somebody I am not, but

the evil I had gone through in this particular jail does not amount only to criminal [terrorizing], but satanic hatred of the Catholic Faith.

First of all, there is the question of authority, which in matters of Catholic Faith and morals and so on clearly belong to be decided by the Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church and nobody else, if such matters are not already set binding by the Church teaching.

The State has no authority to meddle in such issues nor legal authority to pass any kind of judgment on Catholic faithful, unless the authority of the Church allows that.

In my case this was completely disregarded. But not only that, I was also terrorized by

the jail staff. I kept silence, I didn’t talk to them because the teaching of the Church says this [in Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas  whether unbelievers can have dominion over the faithful]: